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Introducktion to Duck "My Way" Recipe Booklet:

Duck " My Way "

with Max Porter

You're always welcome my fine feathered friends. We will endeavor tonight to unlock some of the secrets these wonderful creatures possess.

My Way is a French song that has 300 versions of singing it on copyright. The 7 years at 'Native Sun Cuisine' we toyed with this concept to show how giving and adaptable these creatures really are. We installed a 6 coarse duck indulgence certificate menu in which there  were over 4,500 inducktees, at the time approx 8,000 ducks were roasted, over 2,000 kgs of Confit were cooked & thousands of kgs of duck liver pates were prepared, all washed down with 15,000 lts of duck stock. Anyway you look at it that is a serious lot of duck.

It has at times driven us all a little quackers, wishing that I could have done something clever with carrots instead and saved ourselves at lot of work, but Cuisine is our calling. I have yet to find an unfriendly person who loves ducks. Since the dawn of mankind (and womenkind) cave paintings show fierce and wild creatures; images that depict their ancient lives and yes the duck is there in all her glory as well; from cave paintings to walls of the kings of Egypt, telling us they are a symbol of longevity, unfortunately not for the duck, but to her associates.

Today we are in good company, as we raise our glasses to toast our noble friend. We will use the tips to the toes today to illustrate how from the East to the West the duck is a favorite food the world around.
(No birds were harmed in the writing of this piece)

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